Welcome to our signature health incubator which provides you with the ultimate health transforming experience so you can reclaim your power and change the trajectory of your life with autoimmunity.
Our signature Autoimmune Health Transformation is not your typical "tactics oriented" approach that provides you with short term results, only to have your symptoms return once you get off a plan. This is a 6 month, health transforming program that will provide you with the principles for achieving optimal health, as well as a comprehensive, whole body approach that will empower you to take back control over your life and health.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Frustrated with the conventional medical system that provides you with a pill for every ill
  • Discouraged by the "tactics" based approach within Functional and Holistic Medicine that provides you with the knowledge, but lacks the in-depth accountability, coaching, and support you need to succeed
  • So tired of trying various holistic treatments only to find limited, short term relief
  • ​Seeking a comprehensive program that will drastically improve your health so you can experience a significant breakthrough in reversing your autoimmunity
  • ​A high performer with a Type A personality who refuses to let your autoimmunity get in the way of living your ideal life



Individualized Treatment Path

  • Initial Functional Medicine consultation with Dr. Connie
  • ​Monthly Functional Medicine follow up visits
  • ​Specialized lab testing (extra fees apply)

Access to Membership Portal 24/7

  • Online training modules 
  • Video lessons, downloads, and worksheets

Self Healing

  • Healing mindset coaching
  • ​On-demand library of Autoimmune Movement classes
  •  Guided meditations, cooking classes, and more


  • Weekly video calls with your accountability coach
  • Stay on track with your plan and your health goals

Supportive and Knowledgeable Facebook Community

  • Live educational sessions with Dr. Connie
  • ​Real time, interactive lessons based on your needs
  • Support, accountability, and connection with other Autoimmune Health Transformation clients

Alkaline Method™ Blueprint to Transform Your Health and Life

  • Alkaline Method™ Detox Protocol to reduce inflammation and prime your body for healing
  • Nutrition therapy and supplement prescription tailored to YOUR needs
  • ​Full body approach comprised of nutrition, movement, and mindset coaching
Reversing autoimmunity requires much more than theoretical knowledge. You need someone who's been in your shoes - who can show you HOW to live the solution rather than telling you what to do.


  • Healing is an inside job and healthcare is your responsibility
  • ​The medical system today is really sick care, not healthcare - it perpetuates disease
  • ​There's an inner, mindset shift required to begin your self healing journey
  • ​Autoimmunity IS reversible
  • Long term results are achieved when the fundamental pillars of health are addressed, NOT by blindly following a protocol that's given to you
  • ​Achieving optimal health requires whole body healing, rather than treating the body "parts"
Comprehensive Whole Body Healing


  • Initial Functional Medicine consultation with Dr. Connie to discuss your health history, needs, health goals, and treatment path
  • Functional Medicine follow ups with Dr. Connie 1x/month
  • Weekly calls with an accountability advisor to get your questions answered and make sure you're staying on track with your treatment plan
  • ​Private Facebook community where Dr. Connie shows up live to address your questions in real time


Quick Start Module
  • Set yourself up for success with lessons and assignments that address your mindset and daily habits
  • Vision casting to help you envision the life and health you want to create
Healing Mindset
  • Monthly mindset coaching tools that will help you become aware of your thoughts and beliefs, and create new ones that are in alignment with your goals
Functional Medicine for Autoimmunity
  • Educational lessons on Functional Medicine topics specific for autoimmune patients
Nutrition Therapy
  • Nutritional education videos
  • ​Cooking tutorials, recipes, and more
Autoimmune Yoga
  • Recorded library of Autoimmune Yoga classes
  • Guided meditations for relaxation, healing mindset, courage, and more
Simplify Your Plan to Amplify Your Health
"I was diagnosed with Lupus in September 2017 and have had so many health issues since my diagnosis; I’ve had many rare autoimmune diagnoses as well. In January of 2018 I was diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes. I have an endocrinologist and a dietitian through the endo’s office yet I could NOT get control of my diabetes. I was consistently so high that the meter wouldn’t read my blood. The high blood pressure caused me to have blood infections which I had to take antibiotics for. I have also been so low that my meter wouldn’t read my blood and my doctors were afraid I would have a seizure. I have been on this seesaw for years.

I have been following Dr. Connie since my Lupus diagnosis. To be quite frank, at times I felt hopeless with my health setbacks. I was taking 10-15 different medications a day and the last thing I wanted was to ingest more pills.

Then I learned about the Autoimmune Health Transformation program. Initially I was reluctant but what I was currently doing wasn’t helping me so I decided to join.

Warriors, I am here to tell you not only am I off of steroids, I am off the insulin and my glucose has been stable and most time in the normal range. My skin use to itch like crazy, and that too has shown some improvement.

You are so worth this program. My prognosis has drastically improved in a month and I’m so looking forward to more healing."

-Lisa W.



3 Equal Payments of $2200

  • Lifetime Access to Membership Portal with constant updates, so you can continue to optimize your health with updated information long after your program is complete
  • ​​Monthly Functional Medicine Visits with Dr. Connie to address your health needs
  • ​Regular Live Training Sessions with Dr. Connie to learn more about reversing autoimmunity holistically
  • Private Facebook Community where you can connect with other autoimmune rebels who are on a similar path. This is also where Dr. Connie shows up live to answer your questions in real time
  • Your Own Accountability Coach to keep you on track, focused, and motivated throughout your time in the program
  • Alkaline Detox Protocol for Autoimmunity to eliminate toxins from your body, heal your gut, and decrease inflammation so you can get your symptoms under control
  • Principled Approach which focuses on the fundamental concepts of optimal health and physiology, rather than a "tactics based" approach
*Specialty labs offered but extra fees may apply*

You Can Also Pay In Full And Save $600

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Dr. Connie is a multidisciplinary practitioner, but more importantly, she has successfully lived through significant obstacles with her autoimmune disease for over 20 years.

She has dedicated and committed her life to helping as many autoimmune patients as possible reclaim their power over their health so they can experience true healing and enjoy longevity and wellness for a lifetime.

Dr. Connie is a highly sought after practitioner in the field of autoimmunity and has been in clinical practice for over 20 years. She's truly a practitioner who understands the struggles of living with a chronic disease and how it affects every facet of life.

Her unique gift is her ability to see the big picture, but also dive deep into the nitty gritty details of your health to help you to achieve full remission and become the healthiest version of YOU.
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